Cooperative Web Editing System at FFII

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Introduction to the wiki system that is currently in use at FFII and some of the main points of entry

Important Pages



Addenda to static pages

Depending on which language you are reading the FFII pages in, on top of each page you will see a button labeled "Wiki" or "Addenda": http://swpat.ffii.org/img/icons.other/addenda-en.png

Click this button to view a page that is attached to the FFII page (like a sticky note).

Click the Edit symbol http://www.ffii.org/kwikimj04/pict/e2.gif to add your comments right from the browser (Start using just plain text. If you want some formatting, check out WikiHelp).

Use the link to associated FFII page to go back to the static, non-editable FFII page.

We are constantly reviewing comments, suggestions and corrections that our readers contribute. Some contributions will lead to changes in an associated static FFII page or even creation of a new document. Others we'll just leave on the comments page for further discussion.

If you want to create a static page of your own, please make this page end with a capitalised ISO language suffix, e.g. 'En' for English, 'De' for German, 'Fr' for French, 'Sv' for Swedish, 'Cs' for Czech.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this system, please edit KwikiEn or contact kwiki-help at ffii org.

Thank you for participating!


Our system relies on a slightly customized version of Kwiki respectively KwikiMJ. Kwiki is written in Perl and available on CPAN.

The change log of bug-fixes and extensions/improvements to the participation system contains notes about system failure incidents where Aktiv was affected.


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