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THIS IS OUTDATED. See http:SwpatcninoEn for 7 March A-item news.

Dear FFII supporter,

on Thursday evening a supporter has received an email of Kuenast (German minister of agriculture) assistant saying "I am writing on behalf of Renate Kuenast. On February 28th the 'Common Position' will be formally confirmed on a meeting of the Agriculture and Fishery Ministers." If one wants to nod through an A-Item, the Monday date would have been selected diligently: !MEPs are on their way from a Strasbourg session back to Brussels and - that might be the scheme - over the weekend mobilization might be more difficult.

Immediate action is thus recommended, hence we are sending out this email since night and ask you to use your politcial contacts to ensure that the software patent directive is no A-item on 28 February. On the other hand immediate action also implies that we have not been able to verify that email from a second source, and ask your for verification or falsification, most recent results are published at !Wiki, section "Intelligence"

(we would ask you to check there after opening ths mail and add the result of your own inquiries.)

More background at:

With kind regards,


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