2004-07-09 US Adobe sued over patent infringement in Acrobat

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According to a CNet article, Adobe Inc has been taken to court by a company called "Information Technology Innovation" for infringement of their patent US 5,892,908 in software related to its Acrobat Reader.

Family search at Depatisnet suggests that US 5,892,908 has no EP cousins, but many similar patents have been granted by the EPO.

Claim 1

A method of extracting network information, comprising the steps of:

  1. receiving an initial link address that points to a file;
  2. retrieving the file associated with the initial link address;
  3. parsing the file to find a hyper text link that points to a link file;
  4. determining if the hyper text link has a link address that contains the initial link address as a root; and
  5. when the link address contains the initial link address as the root, retrieving the link file associated with the link address.

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