Barroso declines invitation for talks in European Parliament

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Brussels, 2005-03-02, FFII — The president of the european commission declined an invitation to the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament for talks about the Parliament's restart request.

The Conference of Presidents is scheduled for thursday 11.00. The invitation was forwarded on tuesday and declined on wednesday.

The official explanation for the declination of the invitation was that Mr. Barroso did not have time.

Mr. Barroso also appeared not to have time to explain the reasons for the refusal of the restart in writing, nor to involve the other directorates (beside McCreevy's DG Markt) in the decision.

The last time Mr. Barroso attended a meeting with the Parliament's presidents was when the Italian candidate for Commissioner of Justice, Rocco Buttiglione, had come under fire from the Parliament (and was later removed by Barroso).

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