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A Good Day For Software Developers

Press release from the Konservative party, March 7, 2005, by Gitte Seeberg

Today has been a good day for software developers. The European software patent has come one step closer, is Gitte Seeberg's opinion.

"We should all be happy about the decision in EU's Council of Ministers, even if the opposition in the Danish Parliament tried up until the last minute to obstruct the process for all of Europe, says Gitte Seeberg.

The Conservative member of the European Parliament makes her statement in connection to today's majority decision by EU's Council of Ministers about a common position on software patents.

"Software patents are absolutely necessary to protect in particular small and medium sized enterprises, who would otherwise risk having their good ideas and products copied by the large corporations with far greater resources for development and marketing. That kind of maverick state of affairs is of no help to the European software industry", says Gitte Seeberg.

She is critical of the Danish Social Democrats and the left wing, who have tried to derail the entire process.

"If the left wing had been successful in derailing the process, we wouldn't have been able to introduce software patents for many years. That would have been a setback for the European software industry, and for the many jobs in this sector", says Gitte Seeberg.

She hopes that the Council of Ministers' proposal will get a positive reception by the European Parliament, which is co-legislator on the issue.


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