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Copenhagen, 9 March 2005 -- Denmark's minister of economy Bendt Bentsen is facing accusations from his parliament that he acted against his mandate from the Parliament to request a reopening of negotiations (B-Item) in the Council session that "adopted" a software patent draft without a qualified majority last Monday. The accusation is confirmed by Dutch minister Brinkhorst, who had explained in his parliament that Bentsen did not really ask for the B-Item but performed a "coitus interruptus". This allegation has enraged Bendtsen.

Translation of telgram from Danish news agency Ritzau

Bendtsen Furious Over Dutch Accusation

Copenhagen, 9 March 2005 -- Ritzau

Danish Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry Bendt Bendtsen was again accused of having neglected his mandate from the Danish parliament on the issue of the EU directive on software patents.

In a debate in the Dutch parliament Tuesday evening, Bendtsen's Dutch colleague Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst accused the Dane of "not having insisted" during a meeting of the EU Council of Ministers in Brussels on Monday.

"Denmark left the church without singing" Brinkhorst said about Bendtsen. The expression is sexually charged and corresponds to "getting off in Roskilde"¹.

In Denmark Bendtsen is being criticized by political parties Socialistisk Folkeparti and Radikale Venstre for not having respected the mandate he received from a parliament majority. Bendtsen categorically denies.

¹ "coitus interruptus", translator's remark

Original text

The telegram comes from Danish news agency Ritzau, and has been published in Jyllandsposten and in Berlingske Tidene

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