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17. Juni 2005 -- Denmark's minister of Economic Affairs Bendt Bendtsen has written a letter to the EU Council presidency in which he criticises the practice of the European Patent Office regarding software and business method patents and expresses support for the intentions and basic approach of the European Parliament's rapporteur Michel Rocard in establishing stricter limits on patentability.

The letter summarises the findings of a government-appointed committee that has studied the matters in Denmark during the last months. Previously the Danish government had shown some "unhappiness" with the Council's pro-patent line but had never expressed clearly in which way it would like to change this line. At several occasions the government failed to resist the Council presidency when its vote could have made a difference. The present letter to the Council presidency is the clearest expression of a stance of the Danish government heard of so far. The letter was sent out at a moment where the Council presidency was trying to built up pressure against Rocard through Trilog meetings in Brussels backrooms.

Text of the letter:

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