Brinkhorst: Danish decision about software patents made in backroom

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According to explanations given by Dutch minister Laurens Jan Brinkhorst in the Dutch Parliament, the decision about software patents was taken at a dinner before the public session. The official statements given at that session, such as Denmark's request for a B-Item, were only a kind of theater performance and had no real substance, according to Brinkhorst's explanation.

WebWereld reports that the decision about softwarepatents has possibly been made beforehand.

The article quotes Brinkhorst:

Which seems to originate from the stenographic report on the site of the Dutch Parliament about Tuesday's debate. More information available on Dutch debat on March 10th.

The interesting part however, is that it also mentions that the Ministry of Economic affairs confirmed there has been a dinner:

A week earlier, on Tuesday, the minister had already said in a debate there would be a dinner (Algemeen Overleg vaste Kamercommissie Economische Zaken, March 1st).

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