MEP offers colleagues ice-cream for pro-patent vote

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5 June 2005 - Although the following may seem like a joke, it is (unfortunately) entirely truthful and can be verified with any MEP or assistant since they all got the email.

Update: The Campaign for Creativity has informed us that this action was not organised together with Mr Harbour, and that they take full responsibility for the event and the email below.

On 1 June 2005, the FFII organised a conference on software patent policy making, in cooperation with the CCIA and members of the EPP group. The morning session took place at the European Parliament, the afternoon session was at the Renaissance Hotel. This meant that somewhere between 12h00 and 14h00, several people had to cross the Place de Luxembourg to get from one venue to the other.

Simon Gentry of the Campaign for Creativity, a known corporate lobbyist with experience from lobbying for the biotech patents directive, consequently had an assistant of Malcolm Harbour MEP send an email to all member of the Parliament with the content below.

As one of the assistants who forwarded the mail to FFII said: "this is hallucinating!"

Harbour is one of the most influential !MEPs of the EPP group on "intellectual property" matters and the spokesman of the UK conservatives on the proposed directive. Harbour has a poster from "Campaign for Creativity" adorning his office and is regularly recommended by patent lobby groups as their man of trust.

Text of the email

(Note: EP email addresses, the name of the assistant and contact phone numbers have been removed from the text below)

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