EU Commission applauds Rejection of Software Patent Directive

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20th July 2005 -- In a press release, the European Commission interprets the rejection of its directive by the European Parliament as a confirmation of the "status quo", defined by the practice of the European Patent Office. The Commission extensively quotes pro-patent lobby group EICTA as representative of Europe's ICT industry and attributes the opposition to the directive to the US-based Open Source And Industry Alliance (OSAIA). EICTA is quoted as saying that the Parliament's decision was a wise one.

The text avoids any mention of FFII. Nor is there any mention of the 21 cross-party amendments, whose imminent adoption had led the pro-patent forces to ask for rejection. In fact no voice from the European Parliament is quoted.

The text also restates that the Commission will not submit a new directive on this subject, an attitude that has met sharp criticism from the president of the European Parliament, Joseph Borell and the rapporteur Michel Rocard.

After having read the press release, FFII board member Jonas Maebe wrote a letter to OSAIA's Will Rodgers, whom FFII knows from cooperation in a recent conference:

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