Moscowitz Paper

[ Alain Moscowitz | European Internet Foundation | in German ]

The Moscowitz paper is not located nor linked to at http://cecua.org, but found only on the main page of EIF, an organisation which organizes lobbying efforts of large companies.

The Moscowitz paper culminates in the demand that patent law should be left to lawyers to determine.

Alain Moscowitz was previously general secretary of the computer user association Inforep and already in that function spoke in favour of software patents at an EIF meeting on 2002-01-12. His statement was televised at the time.

We expect more "joint statements" of "the industry" with "associations representing millions of consumers in Europe", jointly asking for software patents and opposing the European Parlament's vote, to be sent confidentially to heads of governments in Europe, as has been done in recent months. Alain Moscowitz seems to be playing the role of Graham Taylor.

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