Patentablity of Computer-Implemented Inventions

Invitation by: Platte Strauss Partners, EIF Member, SAP is one of the public affairs clients, Roland Strauss, Public Affairs and Strategic Partner was most recently in senior public affairs positions in Siemens

Again, Patent agents (also called patent attorneys nowadays) and likely a number of SMEs (or fakes such as companies which have been created from large companies by moving their departments into a smaller body, who's CEOs are former Managers if the "Mother") will speak in favour of the Council text, in the name of SMEs, however it's hard to know for an average MEP:

Exerpts from the flyer, printed on heavvy paper:

Expert Dinner Debate Wednesday, 22 June, 6.30 p.m. European Parliament, Brussels, Salon des Membres

A view from Experts and Practitioners for Members of the European Parliament


Dr. Meir Perez Pugatch

Head of Stockholm Network IP and Competition Programme

The Lisbon Strategy and the Future of Property Poliy Making in Europe

Axel H. Horns

European Patent Attorney

Experts and Practitioners

Impact on SMEs

The question wether patents are of benefit to SMEs or rather to their detriment has been raised by a significant number of MEPs.

Together this will lead to a better understanding of what the Common Position wil mean for SMEs and what some of the proposed amendments could mean for SMEs

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