Italian Computer Security Association CLUSIT calls for vote against software patents

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Milan, 30 June 2005 -- CLUSIT, the Italian Association for Computer Security, representing 400 companies, calls on Italian members of the European to oppose software patentability in its upcoming vote of July 6th.

The CLUSIT press statement says:

(translated from quoted text, Clusit -- Associazione Italiana per la Sicurezza Informatica newsletter - 2005, June 30th)


Hartmut Pilch: CLUSIT should write to Italian !MEPs and ask them to support the 21 cross-party amendments filed by Buzek, Rocard, Duff and many other MEPs from all groups. If these are supported by 367 votes, all options remain open and there is a chance that the wishes of CLUSIT will be fulfilled. Failure to fully support these amendments will at best lead to Conciliation based on inconsistent positions, at worst to the entry into force of a directive that imposes unlimited patentability on Europe.

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