2005-05-27 Council Software Patent Meeting

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Below you can find the official attach├ęs (civil servants/diplomats) report of the Council Working Party on Intellectual Property (Patents)" meeting of 27 May 2005, where they discussed the software patents directive.

Delegates of countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Hungary actively promote the most uncompromising pro-patent positions, some of them in gross violation of instructions from their national parliaments. Czech Republic and Finland are also clearly in this camp. Spain and Austria follow the lead of the patent extremist group and show no support for patent-critical !MEPs from their respective countries. UK and Sweden shows a certain flexibility and refinement in promoting their pro-patent agenda. Only Poland clearly supports the amendments that are needed to exclude pure software from patentability. Italy seems willing to follow Rocard on many amendments. Malta and Greece seem to be looking for a middle course. Luxemburg supports interoperability. Denmark largely abstains from the discussion due to "sensitivity" of the issues.

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