2004-05-18 Denmark at the the Council Software Patent Meeting

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The danish representative had instructions to vote for the German Art 2b, which would have imposed substantial limits on patentability. This article was withdrawn by Germnay (apparently in a well-prepared coup) and the representative protested ("I'm unhappy") but apparently still voted for the proposal. The minister in charge was not there at the meeting. Instead an apparently unprepared diplomat took his role.

Council dialogue 2004-05-18

Irish Chairman: Belgium: abstain. And Denmark? Can I hear from Denmark please?

Denmark: I would really like to ask the commission why they couldn't accept the last sentence put forward by the Italians, which was in the original German proposal.

Ireland: I think the Commissioner already answered that question, I'm sorry Denmark. So are you yes, no, abstain?

Denmark: I think we wouldn't, we're not hap...

Ireland: I assume you're a "yes".

Denmark: We're not happy.

Ireland: Are you 80% happy?

Denmark: But... I think we...

Ireland: We don't need you to be totally happy. None of us are totally happy.

Denmark: Oh, I know that, I know that.

Ireland: If we were, we wouldn't be here!

Denmark: I think we're not very happy, but I think we would, we would...

Ireland: Thank you very much.

Denmark: ... we would like to see a solution today.

Ireland: Thank you very much, Denmark.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm happy to say that we have a qualified majority, so thank you all very very much indeed, and thank you to commissioner Bolkestein.


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