Danish Social Democrats and Software Patents

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This page is about the role of the Danish Social Democrats in the discussions/struggles about software patents in Denmark.

The Social Democrats are a key player in the software patent question:

The government has been unable to count on their usual support, the EU skeptic Danish People's Party, as they have rejected software patents. Instead the government has relied on the major opposition party, the Social Democrats. Late january 2005 this support fell away as the Social Democrats demanded that the Council decision be delayed till after the feb 2005 election which the government had to give in to. They later ordered the responsible Minister, Bendt Bendtsen to ask for a B-item at the 2005-03-07 Council meeting which Bendtsen inelegantly failed to do. They have taken the position that they will not sack him over this question, possibly due to the lack of a government alternative (see below).

The Social Democrats denounced Bill Gates' threats to close a danish subsidiary in a press release. Currently the party is in an internal battle for the chairman post since former chairman Lykketoft stepped down after the election defeat, hence they have no prime minister candidate.

The Social Democrat signing the put-swpat-on-hold letter that delayed the Council A-item, Jacob Buksti, was not re-elected in feb 2005, but their IT spokesman Thomas Adelskov was.

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