European Enterprise Institute serving as a patent lobby frontend

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A few days before the decisive vote in the European Parliament (EP) on the software patents directive, the European Enterprise Institute (EEI) is suddenly serving the patent lobby as a frontend. At previous conferences of SME Union and FFII, EEI chairman Peter Jungen displayed great communication skills and showed himself very critical of patent lobby propaganda. However, the EEI now has published a crude propaganda leaflet from a well-known corporate patent activist as an "EEI opinion" on their website, alongside with an invitation to a patent evangelism lunch meeting on June 27th.

The speakers at the lunch are

None of the speakers is likely to present anything but pro-patent belief statements similar to those found in the EEI opinion paper.

Gunnar Hökmark (new MEP from EPP Sweden, co-chair of EEI) is scheduled to draw "political conclusions" from these statements in a final speech.

The "Bigger Picture" (title of the lunch session) is likely to be the one which Kai Brandt usually paints: desktop computers account for only 2% of the overall computers in the world, all the others are micro-controllers used in devices, and much of the innovation is nowadays taking place in the programming of these micro-controllers, and this work must be patentable.

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