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EICTA published an English translation of an article originally published in Dutch by OpenMagazine.

The only trace left is a Google cache of a page with a (non-working) link to that page.

OpenMagazine is published under this Creative Commons license, which

We have confirmed with an editor of OpenMagazine that EICTA did not ask for permission to be relieved of any of these requirements. Additionally, the same issue of OpenMagazine also published a reaction (in Dutch) by Reinier Bakels, in which he, among others, corrected some factual errors in Brinkhorst's text. None of those corrections are mentioned or referred to by EICTA either.


Jonas Maebe

It is strange that an organisation which claims to be very much in favour of strong intellectual property protection, acts entirely disrespectful as far as other people's intellectual achievements are concerned. Maybe the reason they lobby so heavily for software patents and claim that copyright cannot protect anything, stems from the fact that they simply do not understand that copyright covers much more than literal copies. This incident perfectly illustrates how "rewriting a copyrighted work into something different that still means the same" is still an act of copyright infringement.


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