Report on the 5th Conference on European Policy for Intellectual Property

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10 March 2005 - The 5th EPIP conference, held in Copenhagen, included several topics of interest to the people following the debate around the European software patents directive. The FFII was also invited to present its innovative Gauss patent database project.

About the conference

The conference works on addressing the challenges of exclusion rights (intellectual property) in the information age. Balancing the interests in diffusion of knowledge with business requirements and desires is not an easy task. Coupled with the fast-changing nature of the information economy and the interdisciplinary requirements to assess all effects and the effectiveness of proposed solutions, this provides for many interesting presentations and discussions.

You can find more background information on their website.

FFII Contribution

This year, the FFII was invited to the conference as a keynote speaker. Our contribution consisted of presenting the Gauss patent database project. The two presentations were

Other interesting papers

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