European Patent Office organises "information day" in the European Parliament

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Brussels, 9 March 2005 -- The European Patent Office has sent an invitation to several Members of the European Parliament, inviting them to the first "patent information day" in the European Parliament. Although unsurprising, it is nonetheless remarkable that an organisation which is supposed to put the general interest before the interests of its best clients spreads such a one-sided story. The software patents directive isn't directly mentioned, but the often heard ABS example clearly shows the direction they are once more heading for.

Many of their remarks are addressed in this reply to an article from someone who also seemed to believe that the patent system somehow by its very nature promotes innovation, regardless of what economic sector and substance it is applied to. Also interesting in this context is the fact that their patents on "computer-implemented inventions" are in fact exactly the same as plain software patents, which in the mean time is widely acknowledged by the Commission, Council and several other involved parties (independent of the FFII).

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This event shows bluntly that the EPO misuses its powers to lobby the European Parliament. From an ordoliberal perspective the EPO lacks competence to do that. The EPO has neither competence to decide on the scope of patent law nor to influence the lawmaker in regard of this question. The horse rides the rider, a common problem in the debate. We recommend the EPO to listen to the market and change its abusive policies rather than defending institutional self-interests.


10:00 Seminar: the European patent system - chaired by Ms Arlene McCarthy, MEP

11:30 Press conference

15:00 Presentation to the ITRE Committee

19:00 Evening reception

All day: Exhibition - EPO facilities

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http://events.european-patent-office.org/2005/0330/welcome/pompidou.jpg Alain Pompidou President European Patent Office

Text: http://events.european-patent-office.org/2005/0330/welcome/index.en.php

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05-02-23 Official Press release

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