German EPP Hearing on Software Patentability 2005-06-02

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2nd June 2005 -- One day after a conference that was jointly organised by FFII, CCIA and a group of members of parliament from the European People's Party from mostly Eastern-European countries, the German Christian Democrats conducted a hearing of their own on "CII", in which they gave the floor mainly to pro-patent lobbyists and patent lawyers.


The notes attempt to paraphrase too much of was said, even the very unimportant stuff. They need to be improved.

MEP Kauppi, EPP rapporteur

Robert Lind - not available.

Alain Strowel, Liege.

**** won't allow **** "pure software is software without technical contribution"

**** don't need new **** ABS **** Washing machine **** replacement of hardware element by software not good enough ? **** Mobile phone - faster access to data ?

Brian Kahin, University of Michigan

Karamandi, EPO

PA Betten, Ficpi

**** Microsoft vs Stac case **** C didn't protect SMEs **** now SMEs can use patents to protect themselves


Q. MEP Wuermeling:

A. Stowel:

Q. MEP Lehne:

A. PA Betten:

Q. MEP Kauppi, EPP:

A. Brian Kahin:

A. Stowell

A. PA Betten:

A. Karamani:


A. Karamani.

A. PA Betten.

Q. Oliver Lorenz

Q. Joachim Jacobs, FSFE

Q. Alessandra Rossi

Q. Marco Schultz:

Q. Birgitte Anderssen

Q. Alberto Barrionuevo

Q. Erik Josefsson:

A. Brian Kahin

A. Strowel

A. Betten

A. Karamanli:

MEP Kauppi:

Kai Brandt, Siemens

Lauri Kvinenen, Nokia

David Axmark, MySQL:


Lycos Europe:

Q. Kauppi:

Q. Lehne:

A. Brandt:

Q. Joachim Jacobs:

A. Brandt:

MEP Mayer, EPP

Interest Groups:

Oliver Lorenz, Emcita



Hugo Lueders, CompTIA

Q. MEP Kauppi:

A. Hugo Lueders, CompTIA:


A. Cimaglia

A. Lorenz, EMCITA

MEP Lehne: summary

**** SMEs would not accept such an opinion.

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