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[ [http://swpat.ffii.org/analysis/epc52/ EPC]
| [:SwpatkorcuEn: Slippery Slope]
| [:EubsaProgEn: Program Claims]
| [:EubsaItopEn: Interoperability]
| [:SwpatcninoEn: Patent News]
[ [[http://swpat.ffii.org/analysis/epc52/|EPC]]
| [[SwpatkorcuEn| Slippery Slope]]
| [[EubsaProgEn| Program Claims]]
| [[EubsaItopEn| Interoperability]]
| [[SwpatcninoEn| Patent News]]

-> [ EPC | Slippery Slope | Program Claims | Interoperability | Patent News ]

Only software solutions (programs for computers) are computer-implemented. Programs for computers are however not inventions in the sense of Art 52 of the European Patent Convention.

The much-cited "anti-blocking system" or "computer-controlled washing machine" solutions are not "computer-implemented" but rather "brake-implemented" or "mechanics-and-detergent-implemented". They can however be "computer-aided".

The EPO and Commission chose the word "computer-implemented" on purpose, with a clear definition. Do not be confused! The objective of their directive project is not to affirm the patentability of "computer-aided inventions" but to make "computer-implemented" solutions patentable.

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