Time is running: European Parliament received "uncommon" position

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2005-04-14 -- Formal kickoff of the 2nd reading term in the European Parliament. The minutes of the sitting of Thursday 14 April 2005 confirm that the President officially received the uncommon position from the Council of Ministers. Parliament now has a time limit of three month. Juri, the Committee for Legal Affairs will be in charge first

  1. Communication of Council common positions The President announced, pursuant to Rule 57(1), that the following common positions had been received from the Council, together with the reasons which had led to their adoption, and the Commission's position on: - Common position adopted by the Council with a view to the adoption of a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions (11979/1/2004 - 16120/2004 - COM(2005)0083 - C6-0058/2005 - 2002/0047(COD)) referred to responsible: JURI
  2. .. The three-month period available to Parliament to adopt its position would therefore begin the following day, 15.04.2005.
  3. Source document: European Parliament P6_PV-PROV(2005)04-14

What can you do

Concerned citizens can contact their MEPs. Members of the Committee on Legal Affairs have a higher influence. The European Parliament has to decide on the Council proposal and file its amendments until 2005-07-15 .


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