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Buy Fair Technology: No Mobiles from the Patent Bullies!

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The largest European mobile phone and consumer electronics companies are using offensive patenting strategies and deploying significant money and manpower to into intransparent and deceptive lobbying (astroturfing) for extension of patentability by EU laws. In doing so, they have significantly undermined democracy and made the EU a worse place to live in. We call on you to avoid buying from these companies and try to list alternatives.

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Why Software Patents are Directed Against Consumers

Patents are broad monopoly rights that intrude much more deeply into people's freedom than copyright or trademarks. Whereas traditional patents were a weapon in a warfare between largescale industrial organisations with expensive science laboratories, with software patents, the normal office and living room computer is targetted. This strengthens monopolies in areas where they do no good at all, reduces R&D investments and artificially raises the prices.

What are the Patent Bullies?

At the Patents2Innovation website you can find an impressive list of hightech companies who allegedly are rallying behind the most primitive kind of propaganda. In many cases the companies listed there do not really stand behind the campaign and have just been listed because they are members of a member association of EICTA. To confirm their position, we need to contacted them one by one .

Mobile phone companies do not need software patents in order to be productive. Copyright and business secret are more than enough, also for embedded software. This has been testified by many of the big players in the industry, such as Oracle, Adobe, Cisco, Autodesk, Ilog. But some of the big companies have nourished huge patent departments which hoard thousands of broad and trivial patents on calculation rules and business models every year and crosslicense these among each other. For a new entrant, the patent royalties due for implementation of telephony standards in a telephone add up to more than the price of the phone, and many patents aren't licensable at all. Thus competition is effectively restricted.

In such companies, the patent departments usually employ 100s of people and engage in offensive patent strategies. This includes lobbying for software patents and other patent legislation that helps strengthen their oligopolistic power.

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