A guide to FFII mailing lists

If you have little time (for example, if you are a journalist)

If you want to learn about software patents and discuss theoretical issues

If you do not want to have software patents and want to help FFII

Which lists shall I subscribe ?

There is also a news interface to most of these lists. Some of the lists have public archives.

A meaningful combination could be to subscribe one or two regional lists (country, and, if existing, region or city), one or two project lists (see below). If your list(s) are too silent and you like to be on a high-volume catch-all list, the bxl list is of interest, it discusses "Brussels-related events", de facto anything that happens at the European Institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg.

General structure of lists (what is news, parl, help)

In this case, please take a little more time. Registration to mailing lists can be done by http://aktiv.ffii.org/, please register there. Most mailing lists are grouped around projects. Let's talk about the project 'europarl' (European Parliament). As most other projects, it has three lists: europarl-news, europarl-parl, and europarl-help. The '-help' stands for 'Helpdesk', the '-parl' for discussion list (for parlare (it)/parler (fr) = to speak/discuss) and '-news' for low-volume announcements. You can for example subscribe europarl-parl. To repeat:

Let us reiterate, that we would prefer that you register via http://aktiv.ffii.org/ rather than directly through mailman. In the following for the discussion lists we will point to the *-parl lists, because they are more relevant for you, but keep in mind that you also can post to the *-help lists. Eg if you got feedback from your MEP and you want to discuss it publicly, post to europarl-parl, if you got feedback from your MEP and you want to discuss it privately post to europal-help.

Project lists

A database-generated listing of projects can be found here. And of course there is also the proj-parl list for meta-discussions of this hierarchy.

Lists about educating institutions (politics)

Lists about recurrent events (actions)

Lists concerning media and supporter communictions

The lists releg-de and releg-en (open posting, closed subscription) are used for preparation of supporter communications.

Lists concerning research

FFII service email addresses

Lists concerning self-organization of FFII

FFII members are automatically subscribed to verein-parl-en which is a list for communication among FFII members.

Unknown purpose

ffii-parl, offen, constheory

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