Establishment of Regional and National Groups in FFII (regio)

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Existing National Mailing list for most european countries, named after the iso code, found in database table 'proj'. de-parl ecc. uk-parl is not in use, they use ffii-uk att ffii.org.uk.

Coordination, Facilities provided by FFII for regionalisation

Questions about the regio-projekt will answer regio-help at ffii org, supporters could join join regio-parl mailing list (created 2004-07-11).

Project leader is Christian Schulte (dgnsw), assisted by bkaindl, blasum, arebenti and phm.

André is working on imagemaps, see Germany preview, Europe map preview

Regional groups are created like project groups, as sub-projects of 'regio' or, when there is a national region managment, of the national project, such as 'de', 'be', 'fr' etc.

Why regionalisation

To Do

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