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Antonios Christofides (FFII Greece) wrote nice comprehensions of debate on our internal lobbying lists. Issue 5 is public and was posted to the main Brussels list bxl att ffii dott org. It gives small insights about what is ahead of us in the remaining days and what can and shall still be done to save the European software industry.

What's cooling down

Important pending events

What's hot

During the last few weeks there has been so much work that I just didn't have enough time to write What's Hot. In fact, it wasn't so much time, but lack of processing capacity that kept me: to write What's Hot, especially to choose which information is publishable and which is not, I need a clear mind, whereas we have been running around too much. I don't give you much information in this issue either, but I give you, I hope, all you need to know.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, here we are. Less than 10 days until the second reading. The final 100 meters. What we have been preparing for for more than 3 years. If we lose, that's it. Software patents will plague Europe for many years to come. If we win, we still have more way to go, but it is unlikely that we'll lose the rest of the procedure, unless we sit back and relax too much.

We have won the silver medal already. We have shown to ourselves, to our friends, to the politicians, and to the world, that we can make a difference. We have made a difference, and we will continue to, irrespective of the result. But now we are going for the gold, and things are far from easy. After the negative JURI vote, we have entered the final 100 meters with a significant disadvantage. At the same time, the majority requirements are against us; our lobbyists are vastly outnumbered; our opponents have infinitely more money, and better access to the press. It makes no sense to make any predictions right now. We are trying for the best. We are prepared for the worst.

What you must still do

1) Participate in the web demo, Talk to people and convince them to participate too. Check the demo pages frequently for updates. A large web demo can attract media attention.

2) Prepare your visit to Strasbourg, for a demonstration on the morning of 5 July. The demo has not yet been organised, but we hope it will. We have no person available to organise it. So either pretend that there is an organiser and arrange your trip, or be the organiser. In the latter case, our veteran demo organiser will help you find your way. Reply to me (anthony att if you can do it. Update: See

3) Contact companies and get them to sign Help them prepare testimonies. For more detailed instructions and support, ask em-testimony at Also tell companies to come to Brussels to talk to their !MEPs.

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