Minister Donner not pleased with European interference with Dutch criminal law

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Following the European Commission's press release on April 26th 2006 about its adoption of a proposal for a directive to combat intellectual property offences, Dutch politicians reacted quickly. The same day Member of Parliament Van Bommel (SP) stated that state secretary Nicolaï (European Affairs) should resist interference with Dutch criminal law. The next day 2 Dutch newspapers opened with the news that for the first time the European Union will interfere with national criminal laws, without the member states having a veto. And again one day later minister Donner (Justice) expressed his doubts.

Quotes in English

According to De Volkskrant, minister Donner said:

The minister also doubts whether the fight against piracy should deserve so much priority that the Commission should mess with the penalty.

(Dutch original below)

Distortion in trade

Nu.nl wrote:

According to Nu.nl minister Donner does not object this, but harmonisation of penalties should only be done if there is a real EU interest. The only legal ground for a directive like this, a harmonisation of criminal measures, is a distortion of trade, i.e, if the non-harmonised state leads to a competitive advantage of member states having lower penalties. About this, Reto M. Hilty, Managing Director, Max Planck Institute for IP, Professor of Law, said at a European Parliament hearing in Januari:

Quotes in Dutch

Source: http://www.volkskrant.nl/buitenland/article297332.ece/Donner_niet_blij_met_ingrijpen_in_straf

Press release MP Van Bommel

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