FFII-related IRC sessions

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FFII activists are regularly meeting for internet relay chat (IRC) sessions.


Most active in evening hours, after 20.00, but sometimes earlier too. Especially on monday evening.

Joining the chat

If you don't know much about IRC: just point your web browser to this web page, change the "nickname" to something friendlier than CGI123, leave the other fields as is and press the "login" button.

If you know something about IRC: Or join the channel #bxl-ffii on URL: irc://freenode/bxl-ffii (Useful if you have your IRC Client integrated with your browser, e.g. if you are using mozilla or firefox and have the Chatzilla extension installed which can be installed with a few clicks.

Mozilla add-ons

Off-topic, but related: If you are using Mozilla or Firefox, there are some other very worthwile extensions:


Staying tuned forever

One elegant way of chatting is to log in using the 'screen' utility of a Unix system and, when you shut down the machine, detaching. This lets you come back to the same session later, as if you had been there all the time.

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