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Jonathan Zuck works as President for the Association for Competitive Technology, a Washington based lobbying proxy for Microsoft. Zuck also took part the EU debate over the antitrust ruling against Microsoft as a lobbying hitman and recently also got involved in software patents lobbying.

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CW: And this time went to Brussels, it was kind of figurative pie in the face because as soon as he [Bill Gates] left, the European Parliament starts shooting down software patents. [EU-Parliament Juri Committee and !CoP request to the Commission for a restart.]

JZ: Well, software patents is the really important battle that we've got on the horizon. And I think that Microsoft is right to continue to use all means of negotiation and just presence in these debates. You know, I don't think any one of them is going to be the magic bullet or the ultimate blunder. I think that it's an ongoing and continuous discussion that needs to happen with European governments and I think they're looking to starting to do. So I think that's the right strategy. I just don't think anything is going to happen over night.

Note: Jonathan Zuck does not adhere to European wording standards on Software Patents. (see: CIIisSwEn)

CW: No. They haven't yet found this silver bullet argument, whether it's, as you've said, setting a bad precedent or an absurd precedent or killing innovation or even harming the economy at a time when Europe is talking about trying to revive its economy. So I guess they need to look for that?

Microsoft lobbying is known to be ineffective and often backfires. Hunzinger, DK blackmail, ...

JZ: They do and they don't. I think part of the process for Microsoft is just going to be continue to be engaged. You know, and continuing to grow the European operation and, as they become more and more of multinational, European governments will have to deal with them as a European company as opposed to an American one. ... I think as it becomes a more global corporation, then there's more of an understanding that what's good for Microsoft is good for Europe.

Jonathan Zucks remark "Microsoft is right to continue to use all means of negotiation" could be a reference to the alleged DK blackmail attempt and other unsound lobbying methods experienced in the past.

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