JURI Decision about Restart of Procedure on Software Patents

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On 2 or 3 February 2005, the Committee for Legal Affairs of the European Parliament (JURI) will decide on whether the Parliament should have the option of returning to a 1st reading of the proposed software patent directive once the Council adopts a common position. This decision must be taken before the Council's Position is transmitted to the Parliament. We explain the procedure and present the arguments.


Guides and Papers for a renewed referral to Parliament

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Procedural Basis

To make it easier for you to write your own personal letter, you can take a look at these and use them as a starting point (please do not copy 1-to-1!).

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Other (related) letters

Note that although JURI only has members from at, cz, de, es, fi, fr, hu, it, lt, nl, pl, uk, you still can ask MEPs from your country to put the message through to them, this is also helpful to get a friendly climate in the groups when they discuss whether to put it on the agenda of JURI and the conference of presidents.

Moreover, it also might be helpful to write to the MEP you are in contact with in your place, he might put the message through.

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