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JURI asks for Council decision documentation

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Strassburg, 7 March 2005 -- In the Legal Affairs Committee this evening, it was decided to ask the Luxemburg Precidency for a full documentation (including minutes, declarations and transcripts of the recordings) of what happened in the Council today. The Chairman of JURI, Mr Gargani, accepted to discuss the software patent dossier again in the Committee when the documentation is received.

The Committee is concerned whether it really was a Common Position that has been adopted in the Council. In the debate it was also asked that care should be taken to get the oral declaration of the Dutch delegation.

MEP Eva Lichtenberger (Greens) comments: "Today, we can see that it would have been much better if we had returned to a first reading, as the Greens proposed already in January. After the Commissions restart denial and now the unclear decision in the Council, we are faced with procedural questions rather than having a constructive dialogue on the content of the dossier."

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