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JURI debates Software Patents -- Recording and Transcription

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21st April 2005 -- The European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee discussed Michel Rocard's proposed Report on the Software Patent Directive. The room was full of pro-patent lobbyists who made their preferences audible by sneering laughing, e.g. at Rocard. Many MEP//s echoed positions of these lobbyists, claiming that small companies need software patents or that the 1st reading amendments excluded much more than software. Few had the needed knowledge/courage to support the rapporteur's approach of basically reinstating 1st reading amendments so as to position the EP for effective exclusion of software patents.


The recording has been made with an integrated microphone, the room was full, many lobbyists from Big Industry were present (Mingorance, IBM, EICTA, UNICE, Ericsson, Volvo, etc...). The recording is in the original languages.

You can find a copy of the recording here: Mirror:

Rocard's speech and introduction document: English, French (English version)

Informal summary

Total length (1hr 45):

00:00 fr Rocard

Michel Rocard:

* 19m, X, es

22m de Lehne

Klaus-Heiner Lehne

28:26 en Crowley

Brian Crowley (UEN, IE): Transcript

34:25 en Kauppi

Piia-Noora Kauppi (PPE, FI): Transcript

53:40 de Lichtenberger

Eva Lichtenberger (Greens, AT):

de Mann

Erika Mann (PSE, DE):

01:04:16 de Berger

Maria Berger (PSE, AT):

01:15:13 de Lechner

Kurt Lechner (PPE, DE / German):

1:18:38 nl Manders

Toine Manders (ALDE, NL): Transcript

1:24:18 it Gargani

Giuseppe Gargani (PPE, IT, JURI Chairman): Transcript

1:25:14 Rocard



1:42:10 Noteboom

European Commission Erik Noteboom (English): Transcript

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