DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the patentability of computer-controlled inventions

42 = 43

Kudrycka and Zwiefka; Bertinotti


Proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the patentability of computer-aided inventions


Murko, Manders, Wallis


Directive 2004/../EC of the European Parliament of the Council on the patentability of computer operated inventions

All amendments try to get rid of the misleading term "computer-implemented invention", which is very good. The offered alternatives are "computer-controlled invention", "computer-aided invention" and "computer-operated invention". Additionally, amendment 42/43 includes a clause in the justification to perform this substitution everywhere in the text. We prefer the term "computer-aided invention" because of the common use of the term "CAD/CAM" ("computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing"), but the other alternatives are more or less good as well, except that "computer-operated" is still too close to "computer-implemented" to be worth the effort of changing.

Article 1

| number | submitter | recommendation | text | | 23 | Rocard | + | This Directive lays down rules for the patentability of computer-controlled inventions, sometimes also known as computer-implemented inventions. | | 45 | Ortega | ++ | This Directive lays down rules on the limits of patentability and on the enforceability of computer program patents. | | 46 = 47 |Kudrycka and Zwiefka; Bertinotti | ++ | This directive lays down limiting rules for the patentability of computer-aided inventions. | | 48 | Lichtenberger, Frassoni | + | This Directive lays down rules concerning the patentability of computer-assisted inventions. |

These amendments remove more occurrences of the term "computer-implemented invention", and some (45/46=47) also explicitly note the goal is to limit rather than to affirm patentability.

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