2005-06-29 Conference in the European Parliament

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Surveys conducted by the European Commission and national governments have shown that, in the field of software and related industries, most of the employment and tax revenue comes from Small and Medium Enterprises (!SMEs), and that !SMEs in this area tend to see the patent system as a danger rather than an opportunity. However, much of the lobbying on software patents that is done in the name of !SMEs has been making legislators believe the opposite. Various lobby groups with vastly different backgrounds all claim to represent SME interests. On 29th of June in the morning the European Confederation of Associations of Small and Medium Enterprises CEA-PME is convening a meeting that should help shed light on enterprises with various business models and on their difficulties in finding a faithful representation in the current lobbying structures of the EU..

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A press conference will be held at 10:00 in the press room of the European Parliament.


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