--> [ Becoming an Editor | Private Pages | Page Naming | Subscribe to Forum | Subscribe to News | FFII Computing | Aktiv | Project News ] was started in 2003 as a light-weight wiki system for extending the static pages. !KWiki was chosen because of its flexibility and extensibility. It soon evolved into a central source of information. Yet the extension capability, although badly needed, has not been taken advantage of, and the site still runs on a fairly primitive and old version of kwiki that leaves many wishes unfulfilled.

News & Chronology


Kwiki has been maintained by Michael Wasmeier (mwas).

Recent extensions such as the incorporation of document metadata were added by phm (by incremental programming, without profound knowledge of how kwiki works).

Some other systems such as the database and mlht interact with Kwiki.

Why Kwiki?

mwas finds it small, well-structured and convenient to extend with perl plugins. People who do the maintenance work decide what is used. We try to stay independent from particular wikis by building as much as possible on a relational database, see 'metadata' discussion in 'To Do' section below. Use of alternative wikis is conceivable, see 'Alternatives' below, but note that extensibility and cooperation with ffii relational database are among the most important features.

Configuration Options on Genba

To Do

More Complaints and Suggestions for Improvement

Stefan Uhlmann

In my opinion it is essential for a usable Wiki to make visbile what was changed when by whom. So I suggest:


There is a lot of improvement on the CSS style to be done to make the appearance more convenient. The current colour scheme is ugly and we lose a lot because of this.

I suggest:

My personal motivation to edit Simple.CSS again is not increased if changes are merged on a random basis.

(phm: I wonder who is doing this merging. arenbenti should be put in charge of kwiki CSS at least as long as kwiki is de facto orphaned.)

Inserting html code, pictures and tables is bad with kwiki. PhpWiki was superiour in this. proposal "generate wiki pages for individual EP patents from the patent database" makes only sense when it appears on the same page as the patent. I would strongly recommend to support the system that handles comments quite well.


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