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The website, closely associated with and, has for a long time been an object of complaints. Writers at Groklaw et al treat it as a "Linux FUD site". Recently it published lots of pro-software-patent commentaries, alongside with "neutral" news reports in which the anti-swpat-arguments are invented by the writer (no sources given) and of poor quality, whereas the pro arguments consist of extensive quotes from lawyers who usually have the last word.

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!ECommerce Times, LinuxInsider, MacTechWorld and are online publications of ECT News.


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Hartmut Pilch:

It is assumed by many people that Linux-Insider is an attempt of large corporations to create "their" FOSS community for themselves and to have a platform for spreading FUD in the name of this community. While this allegation sounds plausible, we have not seen any proof for it so far.

Benjamin Henrion:

It is obvious that the Linux Insider website has interests in spreading false news about the fear of patents, but their articles are hoppefully clueless. Those articles are probably written by professionnal IP lawyers, who have all interests to see the scope of patentability extended. They fight also for their profession.

Karl-Friedrich Lenz in his Webblog Article 05-04-07

I have not looked closely at the question if that “Linux Insider” website is an astroturf site run for the purpose of spreading propaganda against Open Source software while masquerading as part of the Open Source movement.

If so, it might be of interest whether their use of the “Linux” trademark is illegal or not.

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