Delivering the Urgent Appeal in the UK

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Addresses to write to

Log sent letters here, and see this page for instructions on what to do when you receive a reply.

How to get the recipient's attention

Directly sent letters might not get any attention, whereas letters sent to your local MP (or other suitable intermediaries) may be passed on and will then receive a reply (whose quality may depend on the comments with which your MP passes your letter on).

Don't send a braindump to your MP. Instead send the Urgent Appeal (minimal PDF version) with a short personal cover letter. If unsure how to write, contact consilium-help at ffii org for advice.

It might be a good idea if several people will send a letter to their MP with a copy of the letter to Lord Sainsbury enclosed to ensure this issue will not be ignored (and there's safety in numbers!).

To find your local MP and contact details, mouse to this useful little facility.

( If you have sent a letter, wait some days and then phone the recipient, to make sure, he pays attention and for example forwards the letter - schinski )

Example Letters

The letters sent to Lord Sainsbury and other UK politicians on 26 August 2004 can serve as model letters, but it is best for each sender to personalise the cover letter.

For example letters in PDF format, follow these links:

Editable example letters can be accessed here, but please select to download these rather than opening them in Open Office Writer:

These links will lead you to envelope labels that can be edited or printed out:

Additional research information

If your MP is a member of the Liberal Democrat's Party, you might be interested in reading their IT policy paper entitled "Making IT Work", which was adopted at the LibDems Spring Conference in 2003. It includes the statement that they would "support continued widespread innovation in software by resisting the wider application of patents in this area".

Richard Allan MP, the Liberal Democrat Information Technology spokesman, has been campaigning actively for the Directive to be amended.

Member of New EU Commission: Peter Mandelson

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