Statement by Peter Mogensen, Chairman of Digital Consumer Denmark regarding Bill Gates' threats of moving Navision to USA. in an interview with

This is pure extortion. Where patents can be taken out has nothing to do with where development happens. Especially not when one is as big as Microsoft. No matter whether the EU introduces software patents Microsoft will not have better protection by moving Navision to USA. Bill Gates uses Navision as extortion, even though what he threatens has no relation to what he wants.


It is of course sad about the 800 jobs if Navision moves, but legalizing software patents will cost many more jobs in Denmark. Just Simcorp alone who sincerely pleaded with the Committee on European Affairs not to legalize software patents has 500 employees. We don't have any guarantee that Microsoft won't move Navision to USA, India or somewhere else, either. As described, location has nothing to do with where they can take out patents.


The politicians are facing a choice of protecting the danish software industry or supplicating to Microsoft in a horse trade where Microsoft gets software patents and Denmark can keep 800 specifik jobs in Vedbaek.

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