2004-07-01 NL Text of Motion passed by NL Parliament

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This is the text of the motion passed by the Dutch parliament asking the government to withdraw its vote on software patents.

the Parliament,

having heard the deliberations,

whereas in the Competitiveness Council of 17 and 18 May 2004 a political agreement was reached about a proposal for a directive concerning the patentibility of software;

whereas the minister of Economic Affairs on behalf of the Netherlands has expressed his support for this proposal;

whereas the proposal on essential points departs from the text previously accepted by the European Parliament;

considering that the minister of Economic Affairs misinformed the Parliament about the nature of the planned proposal shortly before the Council meeting, as a result of which the Parliament was unable to fulfil its controlling task as it should;

considering that a directive about the patentability of software must lead to harmonisation of legislation within the EU in order to prevent excesses with regard to the patentability of software;

EXPRESSES its Parliament's opinion that the political agreement as reached at the Competitiveness Council of 17 and 18 May 2004 offered insufficient guarantees to prevent excesses with regard to software patentability;

CALLS UPON the government to convey this opinion of the Parliament to the other (EU) member states;

CALLS UPON the government to act according to this opinion in further discussions of the Council proposal, and from this present moment, abstain from supporting the current Council proposal,

and proceeds to the order of the day.

The chairman: this motion is proposed by members Van Dam - Labour Party, Vendrik [GroenLinks - Greens], Kraneveldt [LPF - popular party] and Giskes [D66 - Liberal democrats, minister of economic affairs Brinkhorst's party]. This motion gets number 52 (21501-30).


The chairman: I establish that the present members of the VVD (right-wing liberals, Frits Bolkestein's party) voted against this motion and those of the other parties voted in favour, so that the motion is carried.

(translated by Rishab Aiyer Ghosh from Tweede Kamer - search for 21501-30 for the dutch version]

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