2004-07-13 LWN reports about Oracle patent on database-driven web publishing

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Its obvious that the below patent is about managing data on a server with a skin based user interface for pushing the misc documents to the responsible user. As the article claims, it should not be too difficult finding counter samples to invalidate that claim from March 2000. (even if it sounds simple you first have to sue for quite some while...)

Oracle patents content management systems

[Legal] Posted Jul 12, 2004 14:28 UTC (Mon) by corbet

Patent 6,745,238 [1] was awarded to Oracle in June; it is titled "self service system for web site publishing." "The web site system permits a site administrator to construct the overall structure, design and style of the web site. This allows for a comprehensive design as well as a common look and feel for the web site. The web site system permits content for the web site to originate from multiple content contributors. The publication of content is controlled by content owners. This permits assignment of content control to those persons familiar with the content." This patent was filed in March, 2000; prior art should, one would think, be relatively easy to find.


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