Proposals for Reform of the Patent Examination System

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We collect here proposals for a reform of the patent examination system. In particular, FFII and others have endorsed proposals for privatisation of this system by careful distribution of burdens of proof. Such a reform would result in debureaucratisation and, by consequence, dissolution of the European Patent Organisation, which some have called "an intergovernmental creature that no longer has a place in today's European Union". A lean privatised patent examination system would, as a side effect, also solve the problems of the Community Patent.

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Privatise Patent Examination

Lawrence Lessig and others have proposed registration and renewal procdures for copyrighted works after some time, so as to enlarge the public domain and reduce transaction costs (mainly lawyers costs) for those who want to build on old works. These proposals were widely supported but eventually failed in Congress due to resistance of the lobby groups such as MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), who say that the bureacracy associated with registration and renewal is too burdensome. To allay their concerns, Lessig argues for a system that requires no involvement of any Copyright Office:

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