European Parliament Press Conference after software patent directive rejection

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July 6th, 2005 -- Transcription of the Press Conference by Josep Borrell and Michel Rocard, delivererd after the near to unanimous vote of the European Parliament to reject the software patents directive.

transcriptions in process, help is very wellcomed


President Josep Borrell 00:31-06:35

Rapporteur Michel Rocard 06:35-23:25

to be continued at 8:27

President Borrell 23:25-24:06 (FR/EN)

Question for EU Reporter 24:06-25:06 (EN/EN)

Answer from President Borrell 25:06-26:53 (FR+ES/EN)

Answer from Rapporteur Rocard 26:53-31:21 (FR/EN)

Question for Libération from Jean Quatremer 31:21-31:39 (FR/EN)

Answer from Rapporteur Rocard 31:39-34:11 (FR/EN)

Adding from President Borrell 34:11-34:43 (FR/EN)

Question for Radio Radicale from David Carretta 34:43-35:19 (FR/EN)

Answer from Rapporteur Rocard 35:19-38:21 (FR/EN)

Question for Reuters from Huw Jones 38:21-39:12 (EN/EN)

Answer from President Borrell 39:12-40:34 (ES+FR/EN)

Answer from Rapporteur Rocard 40:34-41:46 (FR/EN)

Question for XXX 42:20-43:52 (IT/EN)

Thanks to review française translation, that was based upon a preliminary transcription from the english spoken translation.

Answer from President Borrell 43:52-45:38 (ES/EN)

Question for XXX 45:38-46:22 (ES/EN)

Answer from President Borrell 46:22-46:49 (ES/EN)

Answer from Rapporteur Rocard 46:49-48:24 (FR/EN)

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