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2003 Nokia's IPR Director on their "Offensive IPR Strategy"

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In a recent book on "Leveraging IPR in the Communications Industry", Ilkka Rahnasto, Vice President and Director of IPR at Nokia Corporation, Finland, explains the characteristics of "defensive" vs "offensive" IPR strategies. The latter, as practised by Nokia, include "strategic planning of the use of intellectual property rights in the business, proactive litigation of intellectual property rights and active lobbying for new intellectual property legislation."

The book "Intellectual Property Rights, External Effects, and Anti-trust Law - Leveraging !IPRs in the Communications Industry", by Ilkka Rahnasto, Vice President and Director of IPR at Nokia Corporation, Finland was published by OUP in Feb 2003 and is sold in UK at a price of £65.

The book is a candid discussion of the public pro's and con's of strong IP rights in industries with powerful network effects, examined through the prism of arguments presented in various legal jurisdictions, and courts' reactions to them.

Here he sets the scene: in a world where products and services combine different technical and creative components, IPRs are no longer just a way of preventing direct copying -- they should be seen first and foremost as a way for companies to influence other companies and how they allocate their resources.

It is clear from this that Nokia itself is pursuing an "offensive IPR strategy".

This was also cited recently as a reason for an employee of Nokia to withdraw from the company:

In recent years, Siemens has been engaging in and talking about the same kind of "offensive IPR strategy".

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