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20 April 2005 -- The European Parliament's rapporteur Michel Rocard has published his views on the software patent directive and outlined the direction which his amendments will take.

Hartmut Pilch comments:

The full report with amendments is expected soon after the debate of 21st April. The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) will vote on the report on 20th of June. Around 6th of July the Parliament as a whole (plenary assembly) will vote on the results of JURI voting.

FFII has today distributed to JURI members paper copies of its own proposal for amendments which is very similar in spirit to that of Rocard. FFII is moreover planning a conference in and near the EP on June 1st and has issued a third Call for Action, which asks the European Parliament to support the kind approach which Michel Rocard is proposing, while at the same time asking national parliaments to bring the European Patent Office and the Council of Ministers under control.

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