Sagem and Software Patents

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Sagem is a french family company with about 1-2000 employees. Their mobile phones are mostly sold without advertisement through frontends such as Vodafones, but they can also be bought directly. Sagem seems to be pursuing a policy of defensive patenting and has kept a low profile. They have stayed out of pro-patent lobbying as far as we can see.

Hearsay about Sagem

Sagem is perhaps the only genuinely European mobile phone company. Nokia is 60% American, Philips and Siemens is shifting much of their operations to China, Alcatel is proud of being a "fabless company". Sagem actually produces its own phones, and it does so mostly in Europe.

Sagem has, thanks to efficiently SME-style managment, expanded rapidly during recent years. Whenever they gained ground at the expense of big competitors, they were attacked with patent litigation. One of the most active litigators who tried to crush Sagem was Nokia. Sagem has had to spend great efforts in trying to invalidate software patents in court.

Sagem has kept a low profile for the following reasons:

When read in French, "Sagem" sounds like "Ca j'aime", i.e. "That I love".

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