Swedish Liberals call for Renegotiation (B-item) in Council

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28th February 2005 -- On Februari 11, Carl B. Hamilton, member of the Swedish Parliament for the Liberal Party of Sweden, asked the Swedish government to handle the software patent directive seriously and with great great care. It would be reasonable to raise the issue as a B-item at the Competitiveness Council, said Hamilton speaking for the Liberal group in the Swedish Parliament.

In the answer published on Friday, Swedish minister for justice Tomas Bodström declined a clear answer.

Bodström has been one of the most vocal promoters of the hardline pro-patent course of the Council that culminated in the agreement of May 2004, which since then was not adopted due to the lack of a qualified majority in the Council. His unclear answer suggests that he would like to see the Council's current draft adopted as an uncontroversial item (A-item) at one of the upcoming Council meetings.

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