Chilling Effects of Spamcop on Grassroots Movement


Much of this work is unlikely to find voluntaries to do it.

Why FFII is always blacklisted

When we send out mail to our supporters, i.e. a group of about 50,000 people who have opted in and can easily opt out by responding to the mail, we always find that there is a group of about between 0,01% and 0,1% of respondents who do not read our mail but just denounce us at

Although we have taken all the precautions, people of this kind will always exist. offers us a remedy: we can prove one by one that these people are wrong.

That means for each mailing to our supporters, we have to pay an employee to spend a few hours clearing us of guilt. Depending on how you calculate fees for staff, this might well correspond to a burden in the range of a few 1000 eur per month.

The false accusers do not have to fear any sanctions. Even if a system was implemented to make them lose credibility with Spamcop, that would only marginally affect the situation, because the false accusers are recruited primarily from people who do not read documentation and are not willing to learn much, and the supply of such people is infinite.

The opinions of the 99,9% of our recipients are not taken into consideration by Spamcop.

Influence of the Spamcop Tax on the Political Landscape

It is fairly easy for a movement that is backed by large companies to deal with burdens like that of Spamcop.

Creating a well-financed concentrated structure is much more difficult for grassroot movements that are not supported by large companies or not supported by companies at all.


For the time being the consequence should be that politically conscious !ISPs and users refrain from using Spamcop.

In the long run, the algorithms used in Spamcop should be improved so as to take political movements (and not only the typical commercial spammer) into account.

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