Patent Lobby Spin-Doctoring after the Parliament's Rejection of the "Common Position"

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8th July 2005 -- various patent lobby groups had invested many million euro in order to press a pro-patent directive text from the Council through the Parliament's second reading. Early this week they found that this would not be possible and therefore asked "their" !MEPs to go for rejection of the "Common Position". After some initial statements of dismay, the patent lobby groups were however quick to claim the Parliament's rejection vote as a victory. Some even interpret it as a rejection of the 21 cross-partisan amendments. Such reinterpretation of events is often referred to as "spin-doctoring". The effort has to some extent been successful in influencing the reporting of major media.

Campaign for Creativity

A german PR distributed via presseportal.de goes further:

EU-Parlament weist alle Verbesserungsvorschläge der Patentgegner zurück und lässt gemeinsame Richtlinie zur Patentierbarkeit von Hightech-Innovationen in Europa fallen.

EU Parliament rejects all amendment proposals of the patent opponents and drops a common directive on the patentability of hightech innovations in Europe.

Nach fünf Jahren der Beratung über die Patentierbarkeit von Hightechinnovationen in Europa hat das Europäische Parlament alle von den Patentgegnern der verschiedenen Fraktionen vorgelegten Änderungsvorschläge mit überwältigender Mehrheit abgewiesen.

After five years of consultations about the patentability of hightech innovations in Europe, the European Parliament has rejected all amendments proposed by the patent opponents in the various groups with a massive majority.

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