Taylor-Wessing partner: Directive will give us US-style software patents

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The London-based patent attorney Nigel Stoate, partner from the law firm Taylor-Wessing has clarfied what the software-patent directive is about. Taylor-Wessing is the law firm that also has Klaus-Heiner Lehne MEP listed as one of their partners. Lehne is called head of "Regulatory Affairs" and was hired together with his parliamentary assistant Haak in September 2003 for lobbying consulting for clients of Taylor Wessing, a multi-national law firm specialising on patent litigation for IP-rich corporations.

In the Sydney Morning Herald Nigel Stoate is quoted saying:

Nigel Stoate is a Taylor-Wessing partner for "Intellectual Property", so he knows what he is talking about. One can only wonder why Mr. Lehne keeps on pushing the fairy tale that the directive is not about patenting software "as such". It seems that at least one partner from his law-firm has understood what the directive is about.

Stoate is also member of LES which lobbied for "The Patentability of Software-related Business Methods" in Ireland.

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